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Joel E. Barber C-5



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Selection Process

NJHS Selection Process
Laclede County C-5 Joel E. Barber School

    At the end of October, interested 7th and 8th grade students are invited to begin the selection process.  A student must have an overall 3.5 GPA in all grades beginning with the first semester of 6th grade.  Students meeting this first criteria are then given a student information form. Students are then required to fill out this form completely listing all activities pertaining to the other four criteria: citizenship, character, service, and leadership.  Every activity in which a student has participated should be noted on the form.  A faculty council member may not know a student and has only the form to use to evaluate him/her.  If there are any questions about completing the form they should be addressed to the advisor.
    The students are given a due date to return the form.   After that date, each member of the faculty council evaluates each information form.  Each section pertains to one of the four criteria; some pertain to more than one.  A student’s points are then tallied.  If a student fails to meet a predetermined score, the student will not be selected but is encouraged to reapply the following year.  Usually a student does not qualify when enough information is not given for one or more of the four criteria, not because the student is not worthy of the honor.  
    Along with the information forms, students are also rated by seasoned faculty on character.    The evaluators individually score the student using an approved scoring guide.  These scores are also tallied and are part of the final score.  Each of the committees is comprised of faculty members.  The advisor and school administration are not part of the committees. The predetermined score and the selection committees are never revealed to anyone outside of the faculty council.  The committee does not expect the students to have perfect scores, but the student must be thorough in submitting information to receive the best score possible.
    Letters are usually then sent out to all students.  In the event of non-selection, a student or parent should first contact the advisor.  Although not a voting member on the council, the advisor understands the process and can explain the non-selection.

If you have any questions at any point in the process please contact the advisor, Mr. Kremer, at school: 417-532-4837 extension #111 or via email dkremer@jebc5.k12.mo.us.